The Catenian Association Province 3 (North)

Events 2010-11


Yorkshire Catenians and their families have once again supported local and national charities through a programme of lively and sustained fundraising. The total distributed to charities in the year 2010-2011 was just over £13,200.

Charities receiving help included: the St Anthony’s Project in Bradford, CAFOD, Cancer Research, Cystic Fibrosis, Yorkshire Scanner Appeal, Parkinsons UK, and HCPT. In addition, donations were made to Holocaust Survivors, the Harrogate Homeless Project, the Poppy Appeal, the Humber Rescue Boat, the Yorkshire Air Ambulance, the International Military Pilgrimage to Lourdes, and to Ethiopia. The Middlesbrough Catholic Primary Schools Soccer Tournament was sponsored as were Catholic youngsters making a pilgrimage to Lourdes. Young Catholics engaged in charitable work overseas were supported from the Catenian Bursary Fund.

John (not Ned) Kelly

Bro John Kelly relaxing in normal manner with Bro Ken, Bobbi, their Daughter Lucy & Bro Kevin McKersey, also of Liwara, the only circle not named after a place.

Bro John Kelly of Wetherby Circle recently toured the wine areas of New Zealand and western Australia.

He received magnificent hospitality from his suppliers but more outstandingly from two catenian brothers, Peter and Bridget Meredith (Bradford) at their New Zealand home, and from Ken and Bobbi McMullin (Liwara 297) at their home in Perth.

Bro Ken and Bobbi took John in, never having met him before - they will know better next time!

Bro John records his gratitude for the above four's munificence


Farewell to Halifax

Farewell to Halifax Circle. Pic: Bernard Swift
L-R David Brinkley, Director Province 3; Paul Bareham, President; Gary Porter, Porvincial President 3N

70 Brothers from around Province 3 - both North and South - attended the Provincial Quarterly Mass at St Columba's in Halifax on 22nd March. After Mass we went to West End Golf Club to attend the final meeting of Halifax Circle. Halifax was inaugurated in April 1954, and it sad to see a proud Circle come to an end. Halifax had only just claimed the Snuff Box from Harrogate Circle the week before, but as there was to be no further meeting, the rules for claiming it were relaxed, and Wharfedale Circle narrowly won. The evening ended with a hot supper, a raffle and splendid company.

This is not quite the end of the road, as Halifax will be going out with a bang on 9th April with their farewell Dinner Dance!

Bro Wilf Smith receiving a Hull Centenary Glass from Bernard Swift. Pic: Bernard Swift

Bro Bernard Swift of Hull Circle recently went to Cirencester to visit Wilf Smith, one of Hull's Joint members. Wilf is 96 years old and served as Treasurer for Hull for a number of years. Bernard writes: "he is an amazing man who inspires me tremendously because of his courage and gratefulness - he had a bad fall in the nursing home 3 weeks ago and still has wounds on his head and arms - he still wears a shirt and a tie every day and wore a suit when we had lunch". Bernard presented Wilf with one of Hull's Centenary Glasses.

Bernard Swift

Hull Dinner Dance

Province 3N Presidents and their Ladies at Hull. Pic: Bernard Swift

Provincial President Gary Porter and Gillie with Director David Brinkley and Sandra with the Presidents of Province 3 North and their Ladies at the recent Annual Dinner Dance at Hull

Wakefield victorious at Snooker

Wakefield win the Bob Jowett Trophy. Pic: Andy Lowery
Photos shows David Stanton, Bradford President, Malcolm Kyle, Martin Dearnley and Bob Jowett. Photo Andy Lowery

On Monday the 7th of March Malcolm Kyle, Martin Dearnley and 10 Wakefield (82) supporters made their way to the Bradford Club to defend their 2 year winning record in the Bob Jowett Province 3 Snooker Trophy.

Following the 1100th meeting of the Bradford Circle and an excellent supper the Snooker got underway.

Ten teams took part from all over the Province including 4 teams from Bradford. As a result of the draw the Wakefield team went straight to the quarter finals where they met the Huddersfield team of Dennis Donnelly and Mike Crosby. The match was limited to 15 minutes at the end of which the Wakefield team won by 42 points to 16.

In the Semi Finals Peter Mason and Chris Anderson from Bradford 3 took on Martin and Malcolm. This proved to be one of the most hotly fought frames of the night, at the end there were thirteen points on the table and the Wakefield team were thirteen points in front. Bradford simply had to take the pink and the black to tie the match. Bradford took the pink and sadly missed the black; Martin came to the table and potted the black to secure a place in the final.

Leeds 3 had fought through their half of the draw and Kevin Wheelan and Peter Dawson met Malcolm and Martin in the final. The game got off to a slow start with much safety play from both teams, the scores rose slowly and there was little to choose between the two teams. Malcolm came to the table and saw an opportunity, when he finished his break of thirty one the Wakefield team had opened up an unassailable lead and the match was effectively over. The final score was 84 points to 23.

Congratulations are due to the team, this is the third year in a row that Martin and Malcolm have won the trophy. Thanks are due to the Bradford Circle who organised this memorable evening and we look forward to the next tournament.

Reporter: Phil Kitson; more photos available on Wakefield Circle's web site

Harrogate Celebrate 1000 meetings

Brothers of Harrogate Circle

34 Brothers of Harrogate Circle joined by seated from L to R - Brother Past Grand President John Barrie, Brother Past Grand President Mike O'Malley, Brother Grand President Vernon DeCruz, Brother President Michael Brennan, Brother Vice President Joe McNamara, Brother Director David Brinkley and Brother Past Grand President Gerald Soane.

Harrogate Circle's 1000th Meeting was held at the Old Swan Hotel on Saturday 15th January 2011, attended by 107 Brothers including 71 visiting Brothers. This was followed by a Reception and Dinner at which 214 Brothers, wives and friends enjoyed dinner which was concluded with a very entertaining speech by guest speaker Professor Gervase Phinn.

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Justin Park

Contest for the Snuff Box at Hull

pic:Bernard Swift

The snuff box being handed over by Hull President, Brother Mike Reed, (on right), to Harrogate President, Brother Mike Brennan on 12th January.

Huddersfield with 7 visitors actually had a higher percentage of membership present than did Harrogate with 8 visitors. However in true spirit of friendship they did not claim the snuff box so that Harrogate would have it for their 1000th Meeting on 15th January. They would then let Huddersfield have it for 18th January when they host the Quarterly Mass.

Bernard Swift

Welcome to Bradford

Ed Jandzio, Circle MO; Ian and Madeleine Bannister; Ben Cowell, Circle VP. pic:HN
L-R Ed Jandzio, Circle MO; Ian and Madeleine Bannister; Ben Cowell, Circle VP

Bradford brothers welcomed Ian Bannister into the Association at their November meeting (but due to an attack of the gremlins, we did not manage to obtain a photo until January). Ian works in engineering and is married to Madeleine who is head of a local Catholic primary school; he has one daughter Emily who studies at the Catholic college in the city. Originally from Gloucester the family moved to Yorkshire 6 years ago. Ian enjoys cycling, motorcycling and "fettling" his vintage tractor when time permits.

1946 Ferguson TE-20 pic:IB
1946 Ferguson TE-20

60th celebration for Ken Hines

Grand President Vernon deCruz and Ken Hines. Pic:JamesHagerty
Bro Grand President Vernon DeCruz presenting Bro Ken Hines with his scroll

Wetherby's Christmas lunch on 5th December was turned into a celebration of Brother Ken Hines golden years!

After an extra and brief meeting the brothers, wives and guests sat down to hear President, Don Cornish, and Grand President, Vernon deCruz pay tribute to Ken. Following the presentation, brother Ken replied, demonstrating once more the erudition and wit that has always been the hallmark of his speeches. The assembled company gave Ken a standing ovation and settled down to an excellent lunch.

Ken joined Stockport Circle in December 1950 and transferred to Wetherby in December 1974. He served as President in 1979-80 and 1989-90, and was treasurer for 6 years in the 80s and secretary 1995-2001.

One of the most notable events of 1979-80 was Wetherby's first safari dinner. Ken set to with Joan on organizing an immensely successful event. So good at it were they that they continued to organise it for at least the next ten years!

Visitors to the circle on our annual dominoes competition used to compete to partner him due to his winning ability.

Ken spent his working life with the Commercial Union (now Aviva). He came to Leeds as Branch Manager, where he managed all CU business for the Leeds area (in actuality most of Yorkshire). He was responsible for all the underwriting, all the sales and all the claims in the area, controlling an office of over 200 staff.

Ken Hines with brothers from Wetherby and surrounding Circles. Pic:JamesHagerty
Ken with Brothers and Friends Lunch at Wetherby with Ken Hines. Pic:JamesHagerty

John Kelly

Halifax Brothers have staying power - in more than one capacity.

Ruth and Bill Chandler cutting their celebration cake

Ruth and Bill Chandler of Halifax Circle celebrated their Diamond Wedding in August. Bill met Ruth in Hannover, Germany in 1947; they married in 1950, first in the morning at the German Registrar and in the afternoon in the Garrison Catholic Church, resulting in them both having two marriage certificates from two different authorities. For many years Bill has organised a monthly Catenian Luncheon Club.

They are pictured cutting the cake at their celebration.

It was another special event at Halifax Circle on 23rd November. The evening commenced with a celebratory dinner at the Wool Merchant Hotel attended by 30 brothers; this was followed by Halifax Circle's November Meeting.

At the end of the meeting Past Grand President Joe McNally presented Jim Tighe with his 50 year membership scroll; then Joe Armitage and John Whitworth received their 40 year membership scrolls.

Joe Armitage, Jim Tighe, John Whitworth receiving their scrolls.
The photo shows, from the left; Joe Armitage, Jim Tighe, John Whitworth.

Paul Hume receiving his scroll.

On an earlier occasion another Halifax brother, Paul Hume, was presented with his 40 year membership scroll. The picture shows him proudly displaying his membership scroll.

These five brothers have held many circle offices, including seven Presidential years, between them.

Tony Gregson

Walkers get to Bolton Abbey

Povincial President Gary Porter and supporting cast walked from Ilkely to Bolton Abbey recently. Rumour has it they did it for fun!

60 years a member!

Bob Airey receiving his 60-year scroll pic:AM
L-R Ray Hodgson, Huddersfield President; Bob Airey; Vernon DeCruz, Grand President

The Grand President recently visited Bro Bob Airey of Huddersfield Circle to present him with a scroll to mark 60 years of membership of the Association.

Tony Milling

Bob celebrates 40 years in the Association

Wharfedale Circle celebrates Bob Hughes 40 years. Pic:HN/TH
Bob Hughes with friends and brothers

On November 18th, Wharfedale Circle and friends from Bradford Circle celebrated Bro Bob Hughes' 40 years membership of the Association. Bob originally joined Cardiff Circle in 1965 and then transferred to Bradford following a family move to Yorkshire. He transferred to the newly inaugurated Wharfedale Circle after he and Jackie moved to sunny Ilkley. Jackie became a Catholic in 1965 thanks to the support of a Catenian wife in Cardiff. Bob says that all his friends over the years are Catenians and he still enjoys the good fellowship and social events he and Jackie have been able to attend.

Bob Hughes receiving his 40 year scroll. Pic:HN
The more formal presentation; L-R Ian Monger, President Wharfedale; David Stanton, President Bradford; Bob Hughes; Steve O'Neill, Provincial Vice-President; John Wilson, Provincial Membership Officer

Malta Week

Hull members with David Brinkley in Malta pic:BS

Four Hull Circle Brothers and their wives joined Provincial Director David Brinkley and his wife Sandra on the recent Malta Week. It was a wonderful experience and an example of Catenianism at its best, and many new friends were made but all of us ate too much!

The photo shows Michelle and Richard Percival, Barbara and John Gorman, Denise and Bob Shakesby, Sheila and Bernard Swift and Sandra and David Brinkley at St George's Bay before the first of four formal meals during the Week.

Bernard Swift

Hull claim the Snuff Box

Hull Circle claiming the Snuff Box. Pic:BS
Stephen Parker, President of Sheffield Hallam handing over the Snuff Box to Mike Reed, President of Hull Circle.

Last night 5 Hull Brothers visited Sheffield Hallam Circle and brought the Snuff Bo back to Province 3N - it will be available at the Joint meeting of the Hull and Scunthorpe Circles on Wednesday 8th December in Hull.

Bernard Swift

Triple Anniversary at Bradford

Tom Doyle receives his 40-year scroll. pic:HN
L-R Gary Porter, President, Province 3 North; David Brinkley, Director Province 3; Tom Doyle; David Stanton, Bradford President

October was a special meeting at Bradford; the Circle was celebrating its 30th anniversary of meeting at the Bradford Club. In addition, Director David Brinkley presented Bro Tom Doyle with a scroll to mark 40 years of membership of the Association.

Tom was Circle Auditor for many years - almost from the day he joined! He has also served as Chamberlain and Guard. In the late 1970's Circle was looking for a new place to meet and Tom and Martin Lydon negotiated terms with the Secretary of the Bradford Club in 1980 - and we have been there ever since.

After Circle, 45 sat down to an excellent dinner, followed by an illuminating talk on the history of the Bradford Club (which harks back to the glory days of the woollen trade in Bradford) given by Peter Townsend, the Club Manager. Peter was also marking just over thirty years as manager of the Club, and was presented with a small token of our gratitude for his hard work over the years.

Peter Townsend receiving a little something. Pic:HN
L-R Peter Townsend receiving a "little something" from Bro Tim Parr


100 not out

Leeds Circle Centenary. Pic:KenDuxbury

Leeds 3 Circle recently celebrated its Centenary in grand style at the Queend Hotel in Leeds. Here is a photo of the Leeds Brothers all wearing their centenary bow ties!

Awards for Halifax Brother

Congratulations to Brother Philip Bartey, Chairman of Jobsteps and Group Chief Executive of Autism Plus and The Adsetts Partnership who won the National Charity Principal of the Year Award on 1st September. He went on to win Directors' Director of the Year Award on the 9th September.

Full details can be found at

Steve Celebrates 40 Years

Steve Hardgrave receives scroll from David Brinkley.

York Circle were delighted to celebrate the 40 year membership of Brother Steve Hardgrave at their September meeting. Pictured above is Steve being presented with his 40 year membership scroll by David Brinkley, Director of Province 3. Steve and his family have a long history of York Circle membership and service. Steve's brother Joe, has been a member of the Circle for over 47 years and Steve and Joe's father was President of York Circle in 1938/39. Steve has held many offices including president, vice-president, treasurer and secretary. Steve is also an active member of English Martyrs parish, York. Congratulations on your 40 years.

John Downing

New Brothers in Lincoln

L-R David Hawley, Provincial Vice President; Graham Green, Past Provincial President; David Brinkley, Director of Province 3; Edward Johnson, President Lincoln Circle; New Brothers James Reeves and Darryl Kirk; David Brookman, Provincial Membership Officer 3 South.

Yet another special event of quite a number this year welcoming new and transfering brothers. James is particularly well known for his environmental protection and promotional work. President Edward Johnson: "We are very pleased to welcome Darryl who has already made a contribution providing our new website along with James who we also welcome with great joy". Membership Officer Allan Stephinson described both brothers as staunch members of SS Peter & Pauls Parish in Lincoln both with careers that made a substantial contribution to the wider community. Director David Brinkley and other members also brought Provincial Councils congratulations to the new brothers.

Chris Burke

Hull Donate £3321 to Help for Heroes

President Malcolm Bellamy presenting cheque to Sergeant Dan Allinson. pic:BerbardSwift

Last year when he was President of the Hull Circle, Brother Malcolm Bellamy, because of his involvement with the training of Air Cadets, chose as his main Charity, Help for Heroes. After a recent Circle Meeting Sergeant Dan Allinson, who had just returned from an extended 8 month period of duty in Afghanistan, received a cheque, on behalf of Help for Heroes, for £3321. Sergeant Dan is not a full time soldier in the Army but a member of the TA and his normal job is a primary school teacher. He told us how he was training the Afghan soldiers and showed us many interesting photographs but would have loved to have been involved in the education of the Afghan children who were so willing to learn but did not even have pencils and papers. Sergeant Dan and one of his colleagues had raised funds for Help for Heroes while in Afghanistan by running alternate hours on a treadmill for 24 hours. In that time they ran the equivalent of 5 marathons and they raised over £3000 from soldiers of all nationalities, including Afghans

Bernard Swift

Fast Cars...

Bernard Noland and his 1972 Escort pic:BernardSwift

Brother Bernard Nolan from Hull Circle will be driving this 1972 Ford Escort Mexico in the Roger Albert Clark Historic Rally at the end of November from Pickering to Carlisle a total of 700 miles.

Bernard Swift

Wetherby support MacMillan Nurses

Sue Rawlinson of Macmillan Nurses receiving cheque from Frank Rowett. pic:FR

Frank Rowett, immediate Past President of Wetherby Circle, is seen presenting a cheque for £1591 to Sue Rawlinson of the MacMillan Dales Unit in Harrogate Hospital. The monies will go towards a new Cancer section which is to be built at the hospital.

Frank Rowett

Province 3 Secs. BBQ

P3 sectretaries' barbecue. pic:AFM

Once again Province 3 North and South Secretaries have had a Summer BBQ in Huddersfield at Tony and Eve Milling's house. The sun shone, both Provincial Secretaries attended
L-R are (back row) Steve O'Neill (Wharfedale), Paul Kennedy (Wharfedale), Gordon Greenbank (York), John Kelly (Wetherby),Ron Jarman (Sheffield 218), Chris Rayner (Wakefield), John Tweddle (Harrogate), Hugh Norwood (Bradford), Gerard White (York), Alf Greenwood (Sheffield 8) Tony Milling (Huddersfield).
And mainly Wives in front row Maureen Kennedy,Christine Greenwood, Liz Jarman, Margaret Rayner, Jean Tweddle Christine Norwood, Liz Rowe, Joy White and Eve Milling.

One wheel on my wagon...

Tony Milling of Huddersfield Circle writes

Thank all those who sponsored my Grandson Ben on his unicycle ride from Selby Abbey to York Minster. He completed the run and raised £2195 for the Anaphylaxis campaign.

New Brother for Scarborough

New Scarborough Brother. pic:BernardSwift
L-R Don Chapman, President; Jesus Echeverria; Gary Porter, Provincial President

Recently eight Brothers from Hull Circle visited Scarborough Circle because it is having problems with numbers. We were delighted to find out that they have recently enrolled a new member, (with a very special name). He is the first new member for a number of years and the youngest member by far - he is headmaster of St Augustine's Catholic School in Scarborough.

Bernard Swift

From (Darkest) Peru to Ilkley

Wharfedale Pic: HNorwood

Fr Gerard Hanlon is one of the Diocese's priests working in Peru, and is based in Iquitos. Wharfedale Circle has been supporting his work there for a number of years. Fr Gerard Hanlon gave an interesting and uplifting address to Wharfedale Brothers and Ladies after Circle in July. Past President Mark Darlow presented Fr Gerard with a cheque from his President's Charity fund.

Champagne Region

Champagne trip pic: GaryPorter

The Province weekend away at the end of April was a very successful visit to Rheims and included visits to three Champagne houses - with tasting! (John Kelly, Provincial President 3 North, broke his leg before the trip!)

Brotherly Loving Cup at Bradford

Loving Cup in use at Bradford. Pic: JohnWilson
L-R Paddy Kehoe; David Stanton, President; Kevin McDonnell - guarding David's back!

Bradford Circle welcomed 10 visiting Brothers on 7th June; Bro Paddy Kehoe of Southgate Circle in London, received the prize for the furthest-travelled visitor (a miniature of "cough mixture"). After Circle and dinner, Bro Paddy told us how the Loving Cup is used during the functions of the London Livery companies. We then passed round the Province 3 Loving Cup under his expert guidance. There then followed a fiendishly difficult quiz from Bro President David Stanton.

Hat trick at Wharfedale

New brothers at Wharfedale. pic:HN
L-R Ian Monger, President of Wharfedale; Ged O'Shea; Sandy Lay; Dominic Hewitson; John Wilson, Provincial Membership Officer; David Heighway; David Brinkley, Director

Three new members enrolled at Wharfedale Circle on 20th May; David Heighway, Sandy Lay and Ged O'Shea. Dominic Hewitson joined us in April, coming from Leeds 3 Circle.

Ged O'Shea and Sandy Lay both have young families still at school, all at local Catholic primary or secondary schools, which has done wonders for the Circle's age profile!

Ged works in pharmaceuticals, has been married to Sue for over twenty years with two girls, Rachel and Natalie. His hobbies used to be based around renovating old houses but currently most of his free time is spent supporting his daughters' equestrian pursuits!

Sandy Lay is Nurse Manager at the Wharfedale General Hospital and with wife Jo has daughter Beth and a young son Jack. Originally from Suffolk, he is Chairman of the Youth Ministry Team at Our Lady and All Saints Parish, Otley, and can be found walking the Yorkshire Dales or Suffolk Coastal Heathlands with his family, when he gets a moment!

David Heighway is now retired after a "chequered career" (he says) which included several years in the licensed trade as Publican, Hotel Manager and Wine Merchant. David recently moved to Ilkley. He enjoys traveling, which is helped by the fact that one of his two daughters lives in France.

Transferring to Wharfedale from from Leeds 3 Circle, Dominic Hewitson is also married with two daughters, and works as a sonographer practitioner. He is a very keen cyclist and is also active in bee keeping - quite a contrast!

Yesterday's Men

On May 9th Bro John Kelly, Immediate Past Provincial President, entertained the past president's of 3 N and Bro Graham Green (IPPP 3S) to a yesterday's men do, during which the 2 Provincial Presidents made a presentation of the last portion of the money raised at the Provincial Ball to two local scouts, who are going to help build a school in Kenya. (John was a scout leader in 1962-85.)

Prize-giving at Huddersfield

Huddersfield Circle hosted the annual Interprovincial Circle meeting on 18th May. In a packed room (68 brothers present!), the trophies were awarded;

Andrew Hartley receives Joe Reilly Cup. Pic:HN

Brother Andrew Hartley of Sheffield and Barnsley Circles won the Joe Reilly Cup - he is seen here receiving it from Steve O'Neill, Provincial Vice President 3(N). Andrew managed an impressive 58 visits to 54 different Circle (if my memory serves me correctly.

David Stanton (Bradford) receives the Loving Cup. Pic:HN

Braford Circle won (gain) the Loving Cup with an average attendance of 67.8% over the year. President David Stanton is seen receiving the cup

Wetherby recieve the Viking Cup. Pic:HN

Wetherby Circle won (again) the Viking Cup with an average visiting figure of 9.4 per Brother over the year. John Kelly and Philip Nolan of Wetherby are seen receiving the Cup

Ken Pilling receives Golf Trophy. Pic:HN

And finally, although not a Provincial Trophy, Ken Pilling of Huddersfield Circle won a National Trophy at the Golf Tournament at the Annual Conference in Bournemouth. He is seen here on the right recieving it from Ray Hodgson, President of Huddersfield

Unicycle challenge

Tony Milling of Huddersfield Circle writes

I wonder if you would like to sponsor my Grandson Ben Settle age 11 years. He is going to ride his unicycle from Selby Abbey to York Minster, 16 miles, on 15th. May 2010.

He is raising funds for "The Anaphylaxis Campaign". He has a severe peanut allergy.

Sponsor him via or through me via the "Contact Us" page and Huddersfield Secretary.
Thank you for reading this.


Paul enrols in Bradford

Paul Smales enrols at Bradford. pic:HN
L-R David Stanton, President of Bradford; Paul Smales; John Kelly, Provincial President

Bradford brothers welcomed Paul Smales into the Association at their April meeting. Paul is married to Julie and has one daughter, Emma. The family moved from Wibsey to the Parish of St Aidan's Baildon 9 years ago to be closer to Julie's parents. Paul is a keen musician and has played the flute, piccolo, saxophone, clarinet and oboe in many musicals and is a member of various orchestras in Bradford and played for Princess Ann in 1977 for the Queen's Silver Jubilee. We wish them many happy years in the Association.