The Catenian Association Province 3 (North)

Events 2012-13

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2 Oct 2012

Hair loss for Charity

Provicial President's daughter Rachel recently had 15 inches of her hair trimmed off. The hair will go to the Little Princess Trust, which supplies real hair wigs to children suffering hair loss. In addition Rachel would also be grateful to receive sponsorship for having her hair cut - to raise funds for Zoe's Place in Middlesbrough - a hospice for the (very) young.

Rachel's Just Giving site is Here
and details of the organisations can be found at:
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Catenians rally to the 'Supporting Sam' campaign

A target-busting £5,200 has been raised by Catenians across the country who have rallied to support Sam Guilfoyle (aged 22) in the next step of his fight back from severe paralysis caused by meningitis.

Two years ago, Sam was heading for a career as an army officer - before being paralysed from the cheek bones down. Since then, with close support from his family and from Standing Start, a charity offering specialised intensive therapy, he has fought back to the stage where he is now learning to walk again.

Ampleforth and District Circle, whose father Brendan is a joint member, dedicated their 7th Charter Dinner in March and had hoped to raise £2,000 to support Sam.

Being a small circle in rural North Yorkshire, Ampleforth appealed for support from brothers across the country in December's Catena. The response, from neighbouring circles and from far further afield, enabled them to exceed their target enormously and they would like to thank everyone for their great generosity.

Ampleforth Circle's meetings are held at the Worsley Arms Hotel in Hovingham which limited their Charter Dinner capacity to 70. However diners were particularly generous in their gift-aided donations and a very substantial amount was sent in from people who could not attend. Diners were also very generous in further support through the prize draw.

Brother Grand President John Mottram, three Past Grand Presidents, the Provincial Director and six circle presidents all gave their personal support in attending.

Tony Finn of the Worsley Arms, Hovingham, laid on a special menu but kept prices down to maximise the gift- aided element for diners and provided the star prize of dinner, b&b for two at the hotel which is in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The fund raising project has been an uplifting experience for Ampleforth Circle who have found a lot of new friends in the process.

It has also exemplified the brotherhood and family values of Catenianism. There is no doubt that the Supporting Sam campaign has had a special resonance emanating from the sheer guts, determination and hard work of Sam himself, with the support of his family - and from the fact that he is winning.

"The wonderful people who have prayed for Sam and donated to Sam's fund have enabled him to pursue a very active plan of rehabilitation and the results are very impressive" says Sam's mother Veronica.

"He now has a lot of upper body strength and has slight movement in his legs. However he will still need regular physiotherapy for some time to come.

"Thank you for supporting Sam and thank you for your prayers. We asked God to help us and He sent us help through good people."

Sam's intensive and very tough rehabilitation goes on, as do the efforts of his supporters. Catenians can follow Sam's progress and find future 'Supporting Sam' events and fundraising on
NB Province 3N is not responsible for the contents of external sites

Farewell to Scarborough

Tim Boyes receives his 40 year scroll. Pic:BS

L-R Roger Canon, President; Tim Boyes; Hugh Norwood, Provincial President
Group photo of Scarborugh Brothers and visitors. Pic:BS

The Scarborough Brothers (front row) with visitors

There were mixed emotions at Scarborough Circle on 11th March.

Sad because the Brothers of Scarborough Circle have decided to surrender their Charter and the evening was their final meeting. Scarborough Circle was inaugurated in August 1921 and they nearly made it to their 1000th meeting. A number of visitors from near and far joined eight Scarborough Brothers for the meeting. Afterwards we sat down for dinner with the Ladies.

On the celebratory side, however, Brother Tim Boyes was presented with a scroll to mark 40 years membership of the Association. Present were his brother Mike and cousin Paul Wordsworth, both Catenians, as well as his other brother Dominic (described as "not yet a Catenian") and their wives.

Hull welcomes Wayne

L-R Hugh Norwood, Provincial President 3N; Gary Porter, Acting Hull President; Wayne Hartley; John Fagan, Hull Membership Officer.

The Brothers of Hull Circle welcomed Wayne Hartley into the Association when he enrolled at their January meeting.

Wayne writes I am currently the Network Manager at Goole High School and have worked there for 5 years. Before that I had a Restaurant in Goa India where I met my Wife Agnes. We came back to the UK in 2004.

Wetherby marks John's 40 years


L-R John Kelly receives his scroll from Gary Porter

Wetherby Circle staged its December Circle meeting on a Sunday afternoon. After a very brief meeting, Director David Brinkley presented John Kelly with a scroll to mark his 40 years of membership (all within Wetherby Circle).

Brothers and wives then joined together for a great Sunday Lunch, during which Gary Porter of Hull Circle told us a bit about John, and presented the scroll again - for the benefit of the Ladies. A great occasion was brought to an entertaining conclusion with Christmas songs led in his inimitable style by Mike Pioli of Huddersfield Circle.

The following is from Gary Porter's address:

Brother John has already been formally presented with his scroll to commemorate 40 years as a Catenian member, but it is a tradition that this is re-presented in front of his friends and Brothers' wives. And when John asked me to carry out this duty I had no hesitation in accepting it as a way of thanking him for all the help and guidance he gave me during our 2 years as Provincial Presidents.

Well, 40 years! That is a long time - Who remembers 1972?

Since then Wetherby Circle and John Kelly have become synonymous

What can be said of John that has not already been said?

You will all know of John's love of wine but did you know that he was once a choirmaster, and during one particular mass the priest was completing a sermon on temperance: with great expression he said, "If I had all the beer in the world, I'd take it and throw it into the river." With even greater emphasis, he said, "And if I had all the wine in the world, I'd take it and throw it into the river." And finally he said, "And if I had all the whiskey in the world, I'd take it and throw it into the river." and sat down.

John immediately stood and announced, "For our closing song, let us sing Hymn No 36: "Shall We Gather at the River"!

John's early years at Wetherby Circle were relatively calm because he was still involved in one of his early passions of Scouting. He was a very successful Scout chief and helped many young people. At his recent 70th birthday one of his old Scouting friends praised him for allowing the young men in his charge to find their own feet and gain confidence in their abilities.

And as you all know you cannot talk about John without mentioning his other life-long passion: wine, I don't mean just selling wine, I just mean, wine. He is one of the most knowledgeable men on wine in the country and indeed on top of all his Catenian Duties and running his own business, he is also presently the Chairman of "The Yorkshire Wine and Spirit Association". This has fitted in well with his Catenian Career.

But today we are celebrating 40 years a Catenian

I've not known John for all that time; in fact I didn't really get to know him well until he took on the office of Provincial President of 3N and since then I like to think we have become good friends. He carried this position with relish and is often heard quoting that "it is the best job in the organisation". I agree completely and am grateful for his advice and guidance for my year, in fact he would often lean over at Provincial Council meetings and whisper some advice, which would usually be "hurry up, the food comes out at 9.00!"

Although in his early years he took more of a back seat due to his scouting activities, he has since been a great asset to the association, he has held office of Wetherby President 3 times so far, has been Circle secretary for at least the last 6 years, Provincial Councillor, Provincial President and is presently Provincial Secretary. And, despite not been able to drive he has a formidable record of visiting other circles, often with his chauffeur, Liz.

He also proved a point during his Presidential year that it is not true that he can't organise a party in a brewery, he organised a most successful Champagne tour in France which nearly came to an early end when a taxi driver at the Gare du Nord in Paris refused to take him to the next station because of his walking sticks!

John is a great ambassador for the Association, which he loves. He will often be heard saying that he completely happy when sat eating, and drinking of course, with his Catenian friends around the same table, well John we feel the same.

So it gives me great pleasure to present you once again with this Scroll and I look forward to you reciprocating to me in 20 years time!


York celebrates Ken's 40 years

Ken Wright receives his 40-year scroll. Pic:HN

L-R David Brinkley, Director, presenting Ken Wright with his scroll

At York Circle's Christmas dinner, Bro Ken Wright was presented with a scroll to mark 40 years' membership of the Association.

Ken joined in Preston in 1972. However, he saw the light and crossed into Yorkshire to join York circle where he went on to become President in 1992. He also took office as Marshall in 1995, and Treasurer in 2000. Both Anne and Ken have enjoyed many years in the Association. Likewise the Association have enjoyed many years of their company and support, which is what it is all about.


Lifetime Membership Award

James Hagerty receives his Certificate from Grand President. Pic:BS

Bro James Hagerty (L) receiving his Certificate from Grand President John Mottram

Brother Grand President John Mottram visited Bradford Circle's December meeting to present a Certificate of Life Membership to Brother James Hagerty. Over seventy Brothers from Provinces 3 North and South, and Provinces 1, 10 and 17 attended the meeting. The Grand President thanked Brother James for his tremendous contribution over the past twenty years to his Circle and Province and to the Association at large. In particular, he stressed Brother James's work in the formation of the Wharfedale and Ampleforth Circles, his role as the Association's historian and archivist, and his chairmanship of the Restructure Commission.

The celebration dinner with wives and friends was a crowded and lively affair. Brother Grand President again made the presentation to James who thanked John and Ellen for gracing the evening with their presence. The meeting and dinner were admirably chaired by Brother President Ed Jandzio, the third of Brother James's former students to become President of the Bradford Circle. The evening ended with a speedy rendition of carols under the musical direction of Brother Mike Pioli of Huddersfield.

City of Leeds welcomes Mark

Mark Hawa enrolls in the Association. pic:HN

L-R Chris O'Mahony, President; Mark Hawa; Richard Hellawell, Membership Officer

Mark Hawa was welcomed into the Association at City of Leeds' November meeting.

Mark is married to Leticia and they have a daughter, Vanessa. Mark worked in Production Management for over 16 years, moving 7 years ago into the NHS as as a Community Mental Health Worker. He is also a member of the St Vincent de Paul Society.

Hull welcomes Alex

Alex Caruso joins Hull Circle. pic:BS

L-R John Fagan, Membership Officer; Alex Caruso; Richard Percival, President

Alex Caruso was welcomed into the Association at Hull Circle's November meeting

Alex writes I lived and worked in Italy and Spain until my then girlfriend Amelia convinced me to come for a holiday in England in 2001. A few years later we got married and with our lovely daughters Roberta and Gabriella we are still enjoying a long holiday over here.

So I left the family business in Italy for a career in the UK. Dedication and persistence have been invaluable tools for me to get to grips with a different language, and take the initial step backwards career-wise until I re-qualified as an Architect (RIBA, MAPM, RMaPs, IHBC).

Now as a Partner with Gelder and Kitchen I am responsible for the design, coordination and management of several projects working in conjunction with multidisciplinary project teams across several sectors and with specialization in Healthcare, Education and Historic Building conservation.

Whenever possible I take part in charitable activities as I believe this to be a positive step towards the community. Flying light aircraft, travelling and reading are among my main hobbies through which I continue to learn about different cultures and perspectives and their reflection on buildings.

A hat-trick for City of Leeds!

Peter Churley, Tom Docherty and Graham Naughton enrol in City of Leeds. Pic:COM

L-R John McAdam, Provincial Vice President; Peter Churley; Tom Docherty; Chris O'Mahony, President; Graham Naughton; Richard Hellawell, Membership Officer

City of Leeds Circle enrolled three new Brothers at their October meeting. Peter Churley is a widower with three grown up children Judith, Clare and Michael. Tom Docherty is a retired Customs & Excise Officer. Tom is widowed with two sons Matthew and James. Graham Naughton is a Company Director. He is married to Carole and has two grown up children Jonathan and Sara.

We wish them all many years of happiness and fellowship in the Association

David celebrates 40 years in the Association

David Stuart receiving his 40-year scroll. pic:BS

L-R David Brinkley, Director Province 3; David Stuart, Hull Circle

At Hull Circle's October meeting, Brother David Stuart was presented with a Scroll to mark his 40 years of membership of the Association.

David Stuart was enrolled into the Hull Circle in 1972 but moved house almost immediately so he transferred to Huddersfield where he was Secretary for 3 years and Chamberlain for 2 years - he moved back to Hull Circle in 1984 and was President in 1987 and was Membership Officer for 5 years.

Martin celebrates 40 years

Martin Lydon receives his 40-year scroll from David Brinkley. Pic:BS

L-R David Brinkley, Director Province 3, Martin Lydon, Bradford Circle

At their October Meeting, Bradford Circle hosted the Provincial Quarterly Mass, and the venue saw more Brothers in attendance than for many a year. Nearly 70 came from around Province. Thank you to Fr Callaghan for celebrating Mass for us.

Brother Martin Lydon was also celebrating 40 years' membership of the Association and it was appropriate that so many were there to see him presented with a scroll to mark the milestone.

Provincial Morris Dancing again...

Caught at the recent Otley Folk Festival, Provincial President Hugh Norwood poses with musicians Lee and Zena and wife Christine, in the yard behind the White Swan at the end of a day's dancing in the streets!

Bradford welcomes Frank

L-R Hugh Norwood, Provincial President; Frank Ashcroft; Ed Jandzio, President, Bradford Circle; David Brinkley, Provincial Director

Frank Ashcroft joined the Association at Bradford Circle's September meeting. we wish him and his family many happy years with us.

Peter enrols in Hull

Peter Seviour enrolls at Hull Circle. pic:BS

L to R Hugh Norwood, President of Province 3N; Richard Percival, President Hull Circle; Peter Seviour, newly enrolled; John Fagan, Membership Officer

Peter Seviour joined the Association at Hull Circle's September meeting.

Peter writes For the last 23 years I have worked for BAE Systems in quality control as an inspector. This has given me the chance to work on many different projects and aircraft over the years, such as the Hawk, Typhoon, JSF and in the past Nimrod and Airbus.

I am married to Susan and have one daughter Hannah. I have had a life long fascination with clocks and watches and like to collect and restore long-case clocks. I also like art, and do some painting when I get a chance.

Two more for Harrogate with Bob and George

L-R Provicial Director David Brinkley, Provincial President Hugh Norwood, George Marzcak, President Mike Toop, Bob Hughes and Membership Officer Dennis Connery.

Harrogate Circle warmly welcomed two new brothers at their August meeting, Bob Hughes and George Marzcak.

Bob Hughes has been married to Sue for 37 years and they have two children, Joanne and James. They have lived in harrogate since 1993 in the parish of St Roberts. After an early career in Stockbroking, Bob spent most of his career working in the Press, finally being appointed to the Board at the Yorkshire Post Newspapers, Leeds in 1991. Bob and Sue are both season ticket holders at Manchester United and enjoy reading, walking, a good pint of real ale and a good bottle of wine.

George Marzcak has been married to Gillian for 38 years and they have two daughters. Rebecca 32, is a Marketing Director in Harrogate and Madeline 28, a Doctor of Psychology at St Mary's hospital Manchester. They moved to harrogate in 1998 and live in the parish of St Roberts. George runs an IT business supporting small and medium businesses with all their IT Server/Networking infastructures and management. Their interests are photography, music, gardening , hiking and via ferrata, plus family history.

Peter celebrates 40 years

Peter Fee receiving his 40-year scroll

L-R David Brinkley, Director Province 3; Peter Fee

The 700th meeting of Huddersfield (145) Circle took place on Tuesday 17th July at the Pennine Manor Hotel.

At the close of the meeting The Director of Province 3 Brother David Brinkley (Sheffield Hallamshire) presented Brother Peter Fee with his 40 year membership certificate.

After circle the large number of brothers, wives and friends were entertained by an excellent talk from Tony and Eve Milling. They described their recent pilgrimage along the Santiago trail, illustrated by a few slides of them walking, but many more of beds and bottles of wine. Seriously, it was a tremendous undertaking, walking hundreds of kilometres in very hot conditions and it was not without blisters.

A Gregson

Hull welcomes Paul McGrath

Paul McGrath enrols at Hull. pic:BS

L-R John Fagan, Membership Officer; Richard Percival, President; Paul McGrath; Hugh Norwood, Provincial President 3N.

Paul McGrath joined the Association at Hull's meeting in July. He writes
I work for PD Ports, I have done so since 1978, and am responsible for 2 areas. These are Hull Container Terminal and Scunthorpe Site Services where we supply logistics services to Tata Steel.

I am married to Maureen and we moved to Beverley 5 years ago from Middlesbrough where we are both from.

My main interests are watching Middlesbrough Football Club and the England cricket team. I am an avid follower of current affairs and am very keen to understand the political process and how it affects our day to day lives. I also try and play the banjo, not very well at all.

Wharfedale Circle support Friends of the Holy Land

Paul Kennedy presenting cheque to FHL GM Sean Higgins

L-R Sean Higgins, General Manager of FHL; Maureen Kennedy; Paul Kennedy

Paul Kennedy, President of Wharfedale Circle for 2011-12, made Friends of the Holy Land his charity for the year. He presented at cheque for £1200 to Sean Higgins, General Manager of Friends of the Holy Land, at the FHL stand at the Anglican Synod at York University. FHL is supported both by Catholic and Anglican hierarchies in UK and supports all Christian denominations in the Holy Land.

40 years for David Tracey

L-R Mike Toop, President, Harrogate Circle; David Tracey; Hugh Norwood, Provincial President 3N

In June, David Tracey of Harrogate Circle was presented with a scroll to mark 40 years' membership of the Association. David, a native of Scotland, enrolled in Harrogate Circle on 13th June 1972. He soon became an active member of the Circle; serving as President's Marshall from 1973 to 1976. He served twice as President - in 1980/81 and again in 1986/87

David joins York

David Kelly enrols at York. pic:HN

L-R Graham Haddock, President; David Kelly; John Notley, Membership Officer

David Kelly enrolled at York at the beginning of their May meeting. We wish him many happy years with the Association.

David recently retired after more than 40 years working in various roles in education. He is married to Angela (also for more than 40 years). They have 3 grown-up sons and 4 grandchildren

The Loving Cup comes to York

York recieves the Loving Cup. pic:ES/HN

L-R Graham Haddock, President; Hugh Norwood, Provincial President

York Circle won the Provincial Loving Cup for the highest average attendance at Circle meetings during the year 2011-12, with an attendance of 71.5%. As reported elsewhere, no one from York was able to attend the Interprovincial meeting, so Bro Provincial President presented the trophy after Circle in the presence of the Ladies. (to much applause).


Steve joins Wetherby

Steve Dean enrolls at Wetherby. pic:HN

L-R Philip Nolan, President; Steve Dean; David Brinkley, Director

Steve Dean enrolled at Wetherby at the beginning of their May Meeting. We wish him many happy years with the Association.

Steve writes [I am] married to Katherine (at English Martyrs in York) and have two children Thomas, 15 and Lucy, 12, both at St John Fisher, Harrogate. Originally from Leeds but moved to Whiteley Bay when 1yr old and various places and countries since, following family, study and career, until returning to Leeds in 1988 and Wetherby in 2006. My family has strong connections in Leeds and both parents attended Leeds Schools, Notre Dame and St Michaels. My father was a Catenian in the North East and a Past President in Leeds 137 Circle.

My interests are been outside, fine wines and family not necessarily in that order! and I work as a doctor in Intensive Care at St James's Hospital in Leeds.

I am looking forward to a more active participation in Church and Catenian life.

Congratulations to Paul

Paul Mallinson, YFTA president. pic:HN

Brother Paul Mallinson was recently elected President of the Yorkshire Floorcovering Trades Association. He is seen here with John Kelly, Chairman of the Yorkshire & NE Wine & Spirit Trade Association and Phil Nolan, Wetherby President

Double 60th at Scarborough Circle

Bernard Critchley awarded 60-year scroll. Pic:BS

L-R David Brinkley, Director; Hugh Norwood, Provincial President; Bernard Critchley; Roger Cannon, President of Scarborough; Tony Godden, Grand President; Graham Haddock, President of York

14th May was a special day at Scarborough Circle. Brothers Tony and Bernard Critchleywere to receive scrolls marking 60 years membersship of the Association. Brothers from around Province and further afield were present. Brother Grand President Tony Godden, on the penultimate visit of his year, presented the scrolls. Unfortunately, Brother Tony Critchley was not able to be present, but Brother Graham Haddock, President of York Circle, accepted the scroll on his behalf to present later.

Chairmanship for John Kelly

L-R Past Grand President Joe McNally & Philomena; Claire Parr; Liz Rowe; John Kelly; Tim Parr (Bradford) and Andrew Hartley (Sheffield)

John Kelly (Wetherby & Dist) became Chairman of the Yorkshire & NE Wine & Spirit Trade Association recently. He is seen here at his inaugural luncheon - 6 courses, champagne reception, 4 different wines, glass or two of vintage port and drop of 15 year old Armagnac - with Catenians who came to support. Bros Graham Green (Grimsby) & Tony Conroy (Scunthorpe ) also attended but had to leave for their train just as the armagnac arrived!

Welcome to Mike Rafferty at Hull

Mike Rafferty enrolls at Hull. pic:BS

L to R Bro John Gorman, previous Membership Officer, Bro John Fagan current Membership Officer, Bro Mike Rafferty, Bro President Richard Percival and Bro Hugh Norwood President of Province 3N

Mike Rafferty was enrolled into the Hull Circle on 9th May 2012. A member of St Vincent's Parish, Hull, Mike is married to Julie and has two children Daniel and Niamh. Mike is a civil servant who visits pensioners to advise on benefits and services available. For his sins Mike is an avid Hull City Supporter.

Provincial Lourdes Fund grants

Provincial Lourdes Fund grant recipients. pic:BS

L to R Reverend Father Pat Day who organises and lead the Pilgrimage of the Youth of St Mary's College, Nicki Coyle receiving £300 on behalf of St Mary's College, Jordan Barmby and Nathan Barmby each receiving £50 to help with transport costs and Brother Richard Percival, President of Hull Circle.

Weekend in the Lake District for Province 3

Group photo. pic:BS

Enjoying the sunshine

Brother David Hawley, President of Province 3S and Brother Steve O'Neill, President of Province 3N arranged a weekend in the Lake District to celebrate their successful year in Office. Thirty seven people set off by coach on Friday morning and fourteen made their own way there, representing eleven different circles.

On the way we stopped in the medieval village of Cartmel, enjoyed a guided tour of the splendid 12th Century Priory Church and arrived at our hotel in Newby Bridge in good time to settle in before a most enjoyable dinner.

Following a relaxed full English breakfast we went at 9.45am to the nearby Transport Museum. From the outside the building looked rather small but inside there was a vast array of vehicles of different ages and many of us had a very nostalgic time remembering the first one we had ridden in or the first one that we drove. Our next stop was the Hatherthwaite & Lakeside railway station from where we travelled by steam train to Lake Windermere. From here we had a relaxing cruise, with wonderful views, to Bowness where we spent the afternoon at our leisure. We were extremely fortunate with the weather because whilst it was raining almost everywhere in the country we were blessed with a dry day with sunny spells - some even had lunch outside and the ice cream parlour was well patronised on the way back to the coach. The dinner in the Newby bridge hotel was again most enjoyable.

Following another tasty breakfast we left with all our luggage on board to go to the church of Our Lady of Windermere and St Herbert where we swelled the congregation, we were made most welcome and Brother David Hawley showed another of his talents by playing the organ. By now the rain had arrived and after a refreshing coffee in the church hall there was a change of plan to go to Grasmere where some walked into the village and others had lunch and looked round a large garden centre.

The trip was an example of Catenianism at its best - well organised, excellent company, good food and wonderful singing at a Mass.

Ice cream break! pic:BS

Ice Cream break! L-R Jackie Tevlin, John Tevlin, Bob Jowett, Margaret Jowett.

Trophy time at Lincoln

In May, City of Lincoln Circle hosted the annual InterProvincial Circle meeting, at which the Provincial Trophies are awarded. Many Brothers from around Province visited.

Joe Reilly Cup. pic:HN

The Joe Reilly Cup was won by Bro Mike Starford of Wakefield Circle, who managed 47 visits to 43 different Circles during the year (phew!) The photo shows Circle VP Philip Kitson receiving the trophy on Mike's behalf

Wharfedale wins teh Viking Cup. pic:HN

The Viking Cup was won by Wharfedale Circle, who managed 7.57 visits per Brother over the year. The photo shows Circle President David Heighway receiving the trophy.

City of Leeds win the Scunthorpe Trophy. pic:HN

The Scunthorpe Trophy was won by City of Leeds Circle who increased their roll by 10.71% over the year. (I have no idea what that amounts to in bodies!)

York Circle won the Loving Cup with an average attendance over the year of 71.5%

Provincial Morris?


Caught at the Maypole in Otley on 1st May - Brother Provincial President-elect Hugh Norwood and Christine - partaking in Border Morris. They dance with Wharfedale Wayzgoose, based in Otley. The team had danced-out (as it's called) at dawn on the Chevin and gathered again in the evening at the maypole.

Burns Night at York Circle pic:Julian Conlin

PS He has also been caught playing the pipes. Burns Night a speciality!

Double celebration at City of Leeds

Phil Hill enrolls at City of Leeds. Pic:HN

L-R Steve O'Neill, Provincial President; Chris O'Mahony, President; Phil Hill; Richard Hellawell, Membership Officer

City of Leeds Circle welcomed Phil Hill into the Association at their April meeting.

Phil writes After being away from the Church for nearly 40 years Phil recently returned finding, with the benefit of maturity, a more compassionate and caring Church than perceived in his youth. This was reinforced by his recent experience with the Catenians and Phil's resultant welcome into the Brotherhood. Phil attends the Immaculate Heart of Mary church in the parish of St John Mary Vianney, together with his wife Judith. Phil is looking forward to the fellowship and support of the Brotherhood as he continues his spiritual journey.

Anthony Hopkins receives his father's 60-year scroll. Pic:HN

L-R Anthony Hopkins receiving John Hopkins' 60-year scroll from Michael Lightfoot

Also at the April meeting. Bro Michael Lightfoot presented the late John Hopkins' 60-year scroll to his son Anthony. John died in November at the venerable age of 93; Michael had known him for many years and it was fitting that he present the scroll. Both gentlemen shared memories and anecdotes of John's remarkable life.

Arthur celebrates 60 years

Arthur Dyer receives his 60-year scroll

Peter and Michael Dowson of the Leeds 3 circle on the couch with Arthur Dyer. Arthur, an old family friend, is being presented with a scroll (and a bottle) to commemorate his 60 years as a member of the Leeds circle. Arthur is the last surviving 'Bowery Boy' who along with Frank Dowson, Steve Kavanagh, Bryan Mawson and Charles Wheeler entertained Catenian audiences throughout the country during the 60's, 70's and 80's.

Michael & Peter's father Frank Dowson died in 2009. Incidently, Michael (far right) was born in the year that Arthur joined Leeds 3! Although no longer able to attend circle meetings, Arthur is in good health and lives in Harrogate, with his second wife Maria, close to all his family - he will be 92 in December.

M Dowson