The Catenian Association Province 3 (North)

Events 2015 - 16

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Harrogate at Yorkshire Carnegie

L-R Back: with former England Lock (12 Caps) and Yorkshire Captain, Chris Jones are John Tweddle & Barry Pollard
L-R Front: David Rhodes; Denis Connery, President-elect; Justin Park, President; Bro. Chris Jones of Knutsford Circle.

A band - some would say 'select'; others would tell the truth! - of Harrogate Brothers, attended the Yorkshire Carnegie 7 v 23 Bristol Rugby, defeat at Headingley, Leeds at the end of February. By the look of this photo, the brisk 6 degrees outside was compensated for by the warm welcome (and possible imbibement?) inside!

Bob Hughes


Hull Catenians help Deaf People

L-R Mike Reed; Lucy Ward, fundraising officer for North; Kath Reed

The President of Hull Catenian Circle, Brother Mike Reed, chose Hearing Dogs for the Deaf as his charity last year. Just before Easter, four Brothers and their wives had a most enjoyable afternoon when they visited the northern centre of the organisation at Bielby near York to present a cheque for £1,200 to Lucy Ward the Fundraising Manager in the North East.

Initially we were given a presentation by one of the volunteers – there are 1,700 volunteers across the country – who told us about the history of the organisation, the work of the dogs and the way they were trained. There are 900,000 people in the UK who are profoundly deaf and would benefit from having a hearing dog. This year there are 950 Hearing dogs partnerships. Hearing dogs give deaf people the independence to go out without feeling alone or self-conscious and give them the confidence to start conversations and speak to people they may have otherwise avoided and also give them companionship. Two of the trainers then gave a demonstration with a trainee dog who responded to an alarm clock, a door bell and a smoke alarm.

Another volunteer took us on a guided tour of the premises, showing us the kennels where the dogs were housed, (the kennels were in a circular ring so that all the dogs could see each other), the houses in which the dogs became accustomed to all the usual domestic noises. Next we saw the three exercising yards with different floor surfaces and equipment which kept the dogs physically and mentally alert. Having been a practising veterinary surgeon for 42 years I was amazed by the absence of barking. This is because barking would not be of any benefit to deaf people and was achieved by simply ignoring the dogs and not giving any rewards. We then saw the flats where a potential recipient could stay with their dog for 2 to 3 days to get used to each other. There was an unexpected end to the tour when we were taken to have tea or coffee and cakes and had the opportunity to take some leaflets and purchase some of the charity's merchandise.

Bernard Swift


Afternoon Tea with the Mayor of Calderdale

L-R John Clutterbrook, Huddersfield President; Lisa Lambert, Mayor of Calderdale; Ken Lambert Mayor's Consort.

The Mayor of Calderdale, Cllr. Lisa Lambert, entertained Huddersfield Catenians to afternoon tea at Halifax Town Hall. The occasion was arranged by her father Ken Lambert (a member of Huddersfield Circle) who is the Mayors Consort. After tea there was a conducted tour of the historic building which was designed by Sir Charles Barry, famous for designing The Houses of Parliament. During the afternoon Circle President John Clutterbrook presented the Mayor with a cheque for £1,400 for her Charity Fund, bringing the total to over £12,000. The two charities which will benefit from the fund are the Halifax Branch of the Parkinson’s Society and WomanCentre Calderdale Kirklees.

Tony Gregson


Victory for Huddersfield

The winning team L-R John McAdam; Paul Bareham; Ray Hodgson

March was the month of continuity for the Rex Kirk Quiz Competition in Province 3 of the Catenian Association. For the second year running the competition had been organised by Barnsley Circle and won by Huddersfield Circle. The Huddersfield team, of John McAdam, Paul Bareham and Ray Hodgson beat Hull and Grimsby Circles in the final held by Barnsley Circle at Shaw Lane.

The arrangements for the quiz in 2016/17 are already well under way.

Ken Barry


Snooker and Snuff at Bradford

L-R Martin Cawley, V-P Bradford; Martin Dearnley, President Wakefield

Wakefield West Riding Circle claimed the Snuff Box at Bradford's Match Circle meeting attending with 8 Brothers - Wakefield President Bro Martin Dearnley is pictured receiving the Snuff Box from Bro Mike Cawley, Vice-President of Bradford who was 'acting up' for the evening.

L-R Tony Deighton, Director Province 3; Martin Dearnley and Andy Lowrey, Wakefield; Mike Cawley, Mark Bolland and Chris Anderson, Bradford

Wakefield made a clean sweep of the awards available on the evening by carrying away the Province 3 Snooker Trophy. The trophy was returned in sparkling condition by holders Huddersfield. Unfortunately for the boys from the west, their retention challenge was short-lived and the final was contested between Bradford and Wakefield with the 'southerners' (Martin Dearnley and Andy Lowrey) triumphing over 'northerners' (Chris Anderson and Mark Bolland). Pictured receiving the trophy, congratulations and commiserations are the Wakefield team, Bradford Vice-President Mike Cawley and the Bradford team. The presentations, in the presence of Her Majesty (!), were made by Director, Province 3, Tony Deighton.

John Wilson


Poetic winner at Wetherby Circle's annual poetry and prose evening.

Wetherby Poetry and Prose evening

The evening's "poets" L-R Christine Norwood; Trina Hagerty; John Kelly; Jess Rowett; Hugh Norwood; Graham Mulley; Christine and Tony Deighton

This annual event attracts visiting brothers, spouses and widows from throughout Province 3 and features a wide range of felicitous verse styles. A prize is given to the person who presents with exceptional panache. This year's winner was Hugh Norwood of Wharfedale Circle, who read a self-penned paean to afternoon tea.

Presentation for the Christians in Iraq

L-R Nadir Jacob; John Kelly

On the same evening, Bro. John Kelly, last year's President of Wetherby, presented a cheque to fellow catenian Nadir Jacob (Harrogate circle )for Christians in Iraq - a charity Bro Nadir is associated with. The money goes to bishops in Iraq who allocate to Christians of any denomination

G Mulley & J Kelly


Province 3N Quarterly Mass is an historic occasion.

Bishop Terence with Catenian brothers and wives after the Mass at All Saints church, Hovingham. pic: J Conlin

Bishop Terence with Catenian brothers and wives after the Mass at All Saints church, Hovingham

An historic occasion was marked in Hovingham on February 2nd, Feast of the Presentation, when the Bishop of Middlesbrough, the Rt. Rev. Terence Patrick Drainey, celebrated the first Mass in the Roman Rite to be held in Hovingham's Anglican Church since the Reformation. The Rev. Martin Allwood, Rector, and Archbishop Sentamu of York kindly gave permission for the Ampleforth & District Catenians to hold the February Provincial Quarterly Mass in All Saints' Church. It was attended by over 50 brothers and their wives, from 11 different Circles, representing 5 different dioceses, with a further 35 non-Catenian Catholics, Anglicans and Methodists from local parishes.

Bishop Terence is welcomed to Circle and supper by Christopher Wilding, Ampleforth President

Bishop Terence is welcomed to Circle and supper by Christopher Wilding, Ampleforth President

The Ampleforth area has a well-established tradition, begun by Abbot Basil Hume, OSB, of sharing services with other local denominations. Two years ago, Rev. Sue Bond, the Rector of the neighbouring Anglican Benefice, invited local Catholic parishes to hold a similar historic Mass at Stonegrave Minster, just a mile up the road, and gave the homily.  Ampleforth Catenians' chaplain, Fr Tim Bywater of Malton, is the Diocesan Ecumenical Officer.



Portakabin (York) – Lego for Grown Ups!

19 Brothers & Wives from York Circle with a Portakabin office building in the background!

Mention the name "Portakabin" and we automatically think of building sites, temporary classrooms and mobile toilets! Well think again – whole schools and hospitals are now being built from Portakabin modules throughout Europe as well as the more familiar toilet facilities, offices and canteens. York Circle were fortunate enough to have a guided tour of their main production plant on the outskirts of the city. The informative and enjoyable tour ended with a tasty lunch in their worker's restaurant.

John Downing


Hair Today - Gone Tomorrow?

York Circle recently hosted the Provincial Quarterly Mass and were joined by a large number of Brothers from Province 3 North Circles. A total of £313.00 was raised at the event for "Movember" – the charity which challenges men to grow a moustache to help raise funding to highlight and combat a variety of issues that affect men's health; prostate and testicular cancer and poor mental health

Movember reinforces that men should be more aware of these problems, throughout their lives, and to go to their GP at the first signs of problems rather than doing the other thing that men are good at; which is waiting to see what happens!

The five hairy Brothers who have survived a month of good natured insults and comparisons with other famous moustache and beard wearers are: (L-R) Hugh Norwood (Wharfedale), Graham Haddock (York), Steve O’Neill (Wharfedale), David Kelly and Franco Napoletano (York).

Ampleforth Walk in the Woods

Ampleforth walk in the woods

L-R Paddy Thompson, Jemima Thompson, Sean Harrison (Wharfedale Circle), Rob Thompson (Ampleforth Circle), Master Santiago Thompson, Mike Reid (Darlington, Ampleforth & Hambleton Circles), Denise Harrison, Maureen Reid, Christopher Wilding (President, Ampleforth Circle), Rosalie Wilding, Steve O'Neill (President, Wharfedale Circle), Magdalena Thompson, Mary Godwin.

On Sunday 25th October brothers of Ampleforth Circle were joined by members of their families and friends from Wharfedale Circle for what proved to be a most enjoyable day out. The day began with 10 o'clock Mass in Ampleforth Abbey, after which we drove to the nearby Yorkshire Arboretum, a glorious 120 acre garden of trees in the historic setting of the Castle Howard Estate near York. A simple but delicious soup-and-sandwich lunch in the cafeteria was followed by an informative, light-touch guided tour of the site. Glorious sunshine made both the trees and the jolly group of walkers glow in our full autumn colours.


Wharfedale welcomes Sean

L-R Ian Monger, Membership Officer; Steve O'Neill, President; Sean Harrison; Dennis Donnelly, Provincial Membership Officer

The Brothers of Wharfedale Circle welcomes Sean Harrison into the Association in October

Sean writes I wish to join Catenians to mix socially with Catholic friends- you may ask why?

A good few years ago a young man introduced himself to Reading Catenians after his induction. I would like to follow that course.

You will know our beliefs can be difficult to express at times. In this day & age we can find that religion is a taboo subject with many of our non-Catholic friends and acquaintances.

I wish to continue with my faith and never wish to lose it, with your help I can succeed.

Thank you so much for making me feel welcome and I look forward to a good few years of socialising and discussions.


Cheque for the Homeless

Harrogate 29 Immediate Past President, Neil Magee, decided to support a very worthwhile "ecumenical" cause during his year of office, raising £1203 for the "Harrogate Homeless Project".

It is an independent charity that was founded by Harrogate Churches Together in 1991 in order to try and alleviate the growing number of people sleeping rough in the district. Neil is pictured presenting the cheque to Liz Hancock, who is the Project's Senior Manager in Harrogate.

Bob Hughes


Craig steams into Bradford!

L-R Mike Cawley, Vice-President; Craig King; Granville Dobson; Tim Parr, Membership Officer

Bradford Circle recently "dined-in" their newest Brother, Craig King at a formal dinner. Craig, who was enrolled into the Circle in July, is Deputy Headteacher at Queensbury School between Halifax and Bradford, lives in Guiseley to the north of Leeds and attends St Claire's church in Fagley on the east of Bradford; finding him standing still is a rare occurrence indeed!

Following the traditional formal welcome from Circle Vice-President Mike Cawley (the Circle President being in hospital at the time waiting to have his appendix forcibly removed), the gathering was ushered into the past by Mr Granville Dobson. Mr Dobson is well known to local history societies across the district and regaled one and all with his reminiscences of life on the footplate of the steam-hauled express passenger trains of the mid-20th century. What Granville himself calls "the real story, not that oft-repeated romantic version" was very entertaining and much appreciated by the Brothers.

David Stockdale


York Brothers win the Province 3 Circle Golf Trophy.

York wins the Provincial Golf

L-R Paul Walker; David Kelly; Ed Sheridan

After rounds of golf at Knaresborough and Crosland Heath (Huddersfield), York Brothers Paul Walker (left) and David Kelly (centre) celebrate their combined efforts in winning the Province 3 Circle Trophy for 2015.

York Circle Golf Captain - Ed Sheridan (right) congratulates the prodigious golfers. Thanks go to Brothers Ken Pilling and Chris Le Strange (Huddersfield) for organising the overall event, (Brother Chris winning the individual trophies in a clean sweep!) On an historical golfing point - York Circle meet at Fulford Golf Club which is where Bernhard Langer played his famous shot from up a tree in 1981!

John Downing


Joint Meeting of a 2015 '100 Club'

L-R Jim Goodwin, Provincial Councillor Middlesbrough 30; Roland Connelly, President Middlesbrough 30; Justin Park, President Harrogate 29; Stephen Gregson, Acting Marshall, Harrogate 29.

A joint meeting of two of the 2015 Centanarian Circles, being Harrogate No 29 & Middlesbrough No 30, was held at The Golden Fleece Hotel, Thirsk on Thursday 10th September 2015. In the presence of 28 Harrogate and Middlesbrough Brothers and 37 visitors.

The very many visitors included Prov 5 Director Brendan Leer & Prov. 5 President Mike Carter.

Harrogate President Bro Justin Park said that he was extending Circles 29 and 30 centenary celebration by having the joint meeting exactly half way through the year, half way between the Circles centenary dates and geographically halfway between the two Circles' meeting locations. He hoped to meet everyone again at Middlesbrough’s Centenary celebrations. a request which was endorsed by Middlesbrough President Bro Roland Connelly.

Bob Hughes


Ales on t' Rails

L-R on Poppleton Station: Bob Hughes; Justin Park; Denis Connery; Jim McHugh; Neil Magee; Barry Austin; Adrian Kerry

Following the success of Ales in t' Dales last year, our intrepid heroes from Harrogate 29 were clamouring for a repeat instalment; so Bro Bob Hughes, provided a thrilling sequel by making the train take the strain. Circlers gathered at the Harrogate Tap at Harrogate Station and after booking a return ticket for York; called at several establishments en route; before returning to join other Brothers and their wives at the Old Bell Tavern in Harrogate for an evening meal.

Bob Hughes


Harrogate's Cotswold Trip

L_R back: Vince Timmins; Anthony Tindall; Paul Barry; Justin Park
centre: Jackie Tevlin, John Tevlin, Kay Timmins, Cath Barry, Rachael Park, David Rhodes, Janet Rhodes
front left: Susan Donnelly (Huddersfield Circle) front right: Hilary Tindall

Brothers and their ladies from Harrogate Circle No 29 were royally hosted, jointly by County of Gloucester, Swindon & Cirencester S Cotswolds Circles on a recent trip to the area. The joint dinner was a major highlight along with a visit to Highgrove.

Bob Hughes


Harrogate Walk part of the "Knaresborough Round"

L-R David Rhodes; John Tweddle; Mike Toop (organiser); Barry Pollard; Justin Park (President); Denis Connery (Vice President)

In late July, members of Harrogate Circle 29, embarked upon part of the "Knaresborough Round" Walk.

The full walk takes a day, but after leaving Knaresborough and walking to the village Coneythorpe via the picturesque village of Goldsborough; due to inclement weather, they had to be rescued from the Tiger Inn - or so the story goes - no tales on tour!

Bob Hughes


Lancashire Lad at the Home of Yorkshire Cricket

Justin at Headingley

Justin at Headingley

Liverpool Lad and proud Lancastrian; Harrogate 29 President Justin Park; played recently at Headingley. Which is the famous Test Match Cricket Ground in Leeds and also the home of Yorkshire County Cricket Club.

Justin played in the Grey Fox Trophy Final a competition for over 50's cricketers.

Bub Hughes


City of Leeds welcome Dick

Dick Moreland joins the Association

L-R Theo Pinto-Fernandes, Provincial President 3N; Dick Moreland; Tom Docherty, President; Tony Deighton, Director Province 3

The Brothers of City of Leeds Circle welcomed Dick Moreland into the Association at their August meeting.

Dick writes Aged 65, I am married with three grown sons. My hobbies include walking with my wife Philomena and our three dogs and watching motorcycle racing with my sons and grandchildren.

Being a recent convert to the Catholic Church I was attracted by the open and sincere friendship offered by the Catenians.


Wharfedale welcome Ted

Ted Billington is welcomed into the Association

L-R Ian Monger, Wharfedale Membership Officer; Dennis Donnelly, Provincial Membership Officer; Ted Billington; Theo Pinto-Fernandes, Provincial President; Steve O'Neill, Wharfedale President

The Brothers of Wharfedale Circle welcomed Ted Billington into the Association at their July meeting.

Ted is a retired teacher, having taught Mathematics in a number of schools in Yorkshire. He was married for 49 years to Anne, who sadly died earlier this year. He has six children and 10 grandchildren (and counting). He plays trombone in a brass band.


Harrogate Centenary Celebrations

Harrogate Circle No 29 celebrated its Centenary on Saturday & Sunday 13th & 14 June at Rudding Park, Harrogate; commencing with its 1051st meeting; followed by a gala dinner at which guest of honour was The Rt Rev John Arnold, Bishop of Salford.

Brother President Justin Park also welcomed other notable guests including Brother Grand President Peter Woodford, Brother Past Grand President Mike O'Malley, Brothers Director David Brinkley, Brothers Provincial Presidents Theo Pinto-Fernandes and Andrew Hartley.

The celebrations continued on Sunday with Mass in the 1879 Rudding Park chapel built by Italian stonemasons with its fine stone carvings and striking stained glass windows; followed by a an excellent two course lunch served in Rudding House. The chapel at Rudding Park is a former Catholic Church dedicated to the Holy Family, which is now non denominational. It used to serve the nearby village of Follifoot.

L to R Roland Connelly, President Middlesbrough; Justin Park, President Harrogate; Hamid Attisha Provincial Councillor of Manchester South.

The three Circles of Manchester South 28, Harrogate 29 and Middlesbrough 30 celebrate their Centenary this year were represented at Harrogate's Centenary celebrations. A Joint meeting of Harrogate and Middlesbrough Circles will take place at a halfway point in Thirsk on the 10th September 2015.

Bob Hughes


Province helps the helpers

Paul Mallinson presenting cheque to Bishop Marcus

L-R Past Provincial President Paul Mallinson, Rt Reverend Marcus Stock, Bishop of Leeds

During the recent Leeds Pilgrimage to Lourdes, immediate Past Provincial President Paul Mallinson presented a cheque to Bishop Marcus to got towards helping young people who wish to go to Lourdes as helpers

For further information on how the Catenians can help those who wish to go to Lourdes as helpers, please see under "Helping Others" on the menu.


Huddersfield on the Grand Tour

Huddersfield at Wentworth Woodhouse

28 Brothers, wives and friends from Huddersfield Circle, led by President John Clutterbrook, lunched at The Bistro in Wentworth village before taking a guided tour of Wentworth Woodhouse.

The two hour tour of the mansion helped to unravel the complicated lives of the Wentworth and Fitzwilliam families and their place in the history of this country.

This house was only opened to the public in 2012 and is in the early stages of restoration. It is the largest privately owned house in the United Kingdom and has the longest frontage of any house.

In fact there is a 17th century mansion with an 18th century Palladian mansion built on the back of it, making it the grandest back to back house in the country.

The unrestored rooms are much in demand by Film and TV producers and they have recently featured in the film "Mr Turner" and the BBCs "Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell" (quite a few of the sets were still in place) plus the alleged ghosts are featured in the TV programme "Most Haunted".

Tony Gregson


John Celebrates 60 years Membership

On the 9th July 2015 there was a gala dinner at Kings Croft, Pontefract to celebrate John Gallagher having been a member of the Association for 60 years.

In attendance was Grand President Peter Woodford and Anne, his wife. GP Peter presented a 60 year scroll to John on behalf of the association.

Circle President Martin Dearnley presented a clock to the Grand President made from local coal and a cheque for Anne’s charity in thanks for the visit.

More pictures on the Wakefield Catenians' Web Site - see Information


Hull Brother is ordained to the Permanent Diaconate.

For the last 5 years Brother Bob Shakesby has not been able to attend many Circle Meetings because of his training to be a deacon and parish and family commitments. Bob's journey to the Diaconate has had various problems but with the help of his family, especially his wife Denise, he has shown great commitment and dedication. Since he was the only candidate from the Middlesbrough Diocese his training took place with candidates from Hexham and Newcastle Diocese which involved a 300 mile round trip three times each month. For much of his training Bob's parish priest, Fr Norman Jacobson was ill with cancer and Bob and Denise gave up much of their time to care for him. When Fr Norman died last November Fr Chundelikatt, an Indian priest who was in the Diocese to look after various Indian Communities, came to help at St Anthony's and Bob and Denise again gave up much of their time to help him and initially to transport him to Scarborough, Northallerton, York and Middlesbrough.

On Saturday 4th of July, all Bob's efforts were rewarded when he was ordained a deacon at Middlesbrough Cathedral by Bishop Terrence Drainey. Three coach loads of Bob's relatives, some from Ireland including Bob's cousin Fr John Dunphy from Dublin, parishioners, Catenians and military friends travelled from Hull to support Bob. It was a deeply moving spiritual and social occasion. On the next day those parishioners who had not been able to make the journey to Middlesbrough joined in the parish celebrations and Bob gave his first homily as a deacon – he was given three '10s' by the catechists. At the end of Mass all the congregation surrounded Bob on the altar and a photograph was taken from the choir loft which captured the wonderful atmosphere of togetherness and inspiration.

Bob with the Catenians who had travelled to Middlesbrough to support him.
L to R John Gorman, Chris Awre, Bernard Swift, Deacon Bob, John Fagan, Mike Reed, Malcolm Bellamy

Bernard Swift.


Trophy time at Scunthorpe

Scunthorpe Circle hosted the joint Interprovincial meeting on 20th May, attended by 41 Brothers from around all of Province 3. After Circle we were joined by some Brothers' Ladies for supper. And then... the Trophies were presented. Unfortunately only two were physically present to be handed over!

The Joe Reilly Cup was awarded to Bro Justin Park of Harrogate Circle; he managed to visit 44 different Circles over the year (if I recall correctly).
The Viking Cup was awarded to Wetherby Circle for attaining an average of 7.3 visits per Brother over the year
The Scunthorpe Tankard for recruitment was awarded to Grimsby Circle
The Loving Cup was awarded to York Circle for an impressive 66.9% attendance over the year

L-R [] receives the Scunthorpe Tankard from Tony Deighton, Director Province 3.

L-R John Downing, President of York Circle receives the Loving Cup from Tony Deighton, Director Province 3.

Wharfedale supports the SVP

L-R Paul Grafton, Vice President of SVP Leeds Central Council; Paul Kennedy

Immediate Past President Paul Kennedy of Wharfedale Circle presents a cheque for £1,640 to Paul Grafton, Vice President of SVP Leeds Central Council, who with his wife Angela was guest of honour at the departing president's last event of the year. The Circle charity last year were the Leeds and Bradford SVP Community Projects (of which Paul Grafton has been Chair of the Management Committee for many years) including the St Vincent Support Centre in East Leeds (which provides a "drop-in" facility for the poorest in the City, including a café, community shop, education centre offering English language, debt counselling and a "listening ear") St Judes Furniture Store and other community shops, and CHAS (Catholic Housing Aid Society) in Bradford.

L-R Tom Barr; John Swale; Peter Horrocks; Ken Duxbury

The event also celebrated the presentation of a 25 year scroll to Bro Hugh Norwood, plus belated birthday celebrations for no less than four Circle octogenarians, Brothers John Swale, Ken Duxbury, Peter Horrocks and Tom Barr. A very good time was had by all!


Trevor travels far!

L-R John Wilson, President Bradford Circle; Trevor Fernandes, Panjim Circle

The Provincial Quarterly Mass was hosted by Bradford Circle on 11 May, and many Brothers from around Province filled the upstairs room for Mass celebrated by Fr Stephen Webb. At the Circle meeting, Brother Trevor Fernandes was presented with the trophy for the Brother who travelled the farthest; he hails from Panjim Circle!

After Dinner, we were treated to a presentation from Chris Copley, Lay chaplain at St Benedict's Sixth Form, and two of their sixth-formers, on the Diocesan pilgrimage to Lourdes and the work the young people do in helping the less-able pilgrims.


Final of Rex Kirk Quiz 2015

Winning Huddersfield team L to R John McAdam, Paul Bareham and Ray Hodgson

The final of the Rex Kirk Quiz in 2014, involving all the Circles from Province 3N and 3S, was the last time that the Scunthorpe Circle hosted and organised it having done so for 18 years.

Barnsley Circle generously took over the mantle, and led by Andrew Hartley their organisation and variety of questions asked, tested the brains of many Brothers as the tournament progressed. They travelled all over Yorkshire for the preliminary rounds and after the semi-finals it resulted in a repeat of last year's final involving teams from Bradford, Grimsby and Huddersfield. The last 3 finals had been won by Huddersfield with the same team of John McAdam, Paul Bareham and Ray Hodgson.

In the first round Bradford took an early lead and when they extended it after the second round it looked as if the long reign of Huddersfield was coming to an end. However like true champions, with a final sprint in the third round, they beat Bradford by 88 points to 82 which is a much smaller margin than in previous years so there is a possibility that there may be a new name on the trophy next year.

President of Huddersfield, Andrew Taylor, holding the Snuff Box and the Rex Kirk trophy with all the visitors from Huddersfield.

One of the main reasons that Brother Rex Kirk started the quiz was to encourage visiting and his aim was yet again fulfilled with 34 visitors from many different Circles. Another trophy which encourages visiting is the Snuff Box and it so happened that it was currently held by the Barnsley Circle but was up for grabs that night. The Circle which has the largest percentage of visitors based on their membership can claim the Snuff Box and again Huddersfield beat Bradford by a narrow margin.