The Catenian Association Province 3 (North)

Provincial Quarterly Mass for Deceased Brothers

At our enrolment, we solemnly promised to endeavour to strengthen the fraternal love within the Association. For Catenians, as indeed for all Catholics, this brotherly love continues after death and every Circle has an annual special Mass of Remembrance for deceased Brothers, usually in November. Within Province 3 (N), there is also a rolling programme of quarterly Masses throughout the year, hosted by individual Circles, for the deceased Brothers of the Province.

The programme is prepared by Provincial Council and promulgated 18 to 24 months in advance. Dates are allocated to accord with Circles' meeting nights but there is some scope for changing dates to coincide with a special occasion or, indeed, to avoid a clash with some event when a Mass might be inappropriate.

The responsibility for organising the Mass, on behalf of the whole of Province lies with the particular Circle but the following guidance is offered to help achieve broad conformity. The Mass stipend is a matter for the host Circle, if necessary recovering the cost from any following social event or after-Circle raffle. If, however, a Circle genuinely faces a financial problem, then Provincial Council aid should be sought.

A suggested layout for the Mass leaflet is available on the Provincial website and Circles are invited to download and adapt as necessary.

The normal protocol is for the President of the host Circle to do the Reading and for the Provincial President to be invited to present the Bidding prayers. Sample Bidding Prayers are also available for download if required, although Provincial President should be given the opportunity to write his own if he prefers.

Collections taken at the Quarterly Provincial Masses are nowadays split between the Host Circle and the Provincial Charities Fund.

Traditionally, these Masses provide a focus for inter-Circle visiting and Provincial Council earnestly exhort Circle Presidents to ensure that Provincial Quarterly Masses feature prominently in their planned visiting for the year; ideally, every Circle in the Province should be represented at every Quarterly Mass.

Given that there is likely to be a larger attendance than normal at the monthly meeting, host Circles may wish to consider an appropriate after-Circle event.

Pat O'Donnell (Harrogate Circle) has drawn up the sample documents, available here in Microsoft WORD format.

Bidding Prayers
Cover sheet
(A4 landscape)
Order (with hymns)
(A4 landscape)
Order (no hymns)