The Catenian Association Province 3 (North)


The Snuff Box

Province 3 snuff box. pic:HN

The Snuff Box was presented by Brother E.J. Fattorini (President, Bradford 15 Circle, 1928/29) in November 1928 to stimulate visiting in Province 3. There is no doubt that it succeeds in that aim as witness the number of visitors when it is eligible to be claimed

The successful Circle is the one with the highest percentage of membership present, with a minimum of five visiting Brothers.

Having secured the Snuff Box, the winning Circle may hold it unchallenged until the second meeting after its acquisition.

A Circle holding the Snuff Box is required to publish the fact in its monthly circular, thus providing a stimulus for visiting.

Although not specifically included in the Rules, it is traditional that the trophy must be claimed before the end of the meeting otherwise the claim will be disallowed. I have a vague recollection of this actually happening in relatively recent years but I can't find a record of that.

Harrogate Circle has successfully claimed it on a number of occasions. It has been unkindly rumoured that the only reason they are permitted to win it occasionally is because they have in the Circle the professional expertise (by descendants of E.J.Fattorini no less!) to clean and generally refurbish it.

Pat O'Donnell, Harrogate Circle (Originally written in 2004 and updated in May 2008)

Who has it?

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The Joe Reilly Cup

Joe Reilly Cup pic:HN

The Joe Reilly Cup is presented at the annual Joint Interprovincial meeting to the Province 3 brother who made the most visits over the previous year to the most number of individual Circles.

The Loving Cup

the Loving Cup pic:HN

The Loving Cup is presented at the annual Joint Interprovincial meeting to the Circle in Province 3 that had the highest average attendance of its brothers at its Circle meetings during the previous year

The Viking Cup

the Viking Cup pic:HN

The Viking Cup is presented at the annual Joint Interprovincial meeting to the Circle with the highest number of visits per brother during the previous year

The Scunthorpe Tankard

A fairly recent trophy awarded to the Circle in Province that has enrolled the most new members over the past year, expressed as a percentage of the Circle size.