The Catenian Association Province 3 (North)

Events 2016 - 17

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The Snuff Box

snuff box - click for details

Harrogate Circle claimed the Snuff Box from Wetherby at their 1000th meeting.

Iain Stitt's 40th Anniversary Scroll Presentation

L-R Tony Deighton, Director Province 3; Iain Stitt

Iain was presented with his 40th Anniversary commemorative scroll at the February meeting of Harrogate circle No29.

Director of Province 3, Tony Deighton, made the presentation to Iain in the presence of 18 Harrogate and 3 Visiting Brothers. President Denis Connery can be seen in the background.

Bob Hughes


Public Speaking Competition

The participants.

The Province 3 Public Speaking Competition took place on 5th March. Ten entrants provided lively and informed talks to an appreciative audience. The winner was Eve Rooney who attend Notre Dame Catholic 6th Form College, Leeds. 2nd was Alex McGregor-Riley of Mount St Mary's College, Spinkhill, Derbyshire. 3rd was Cleopatra Dhege from St Thomas a Becket, Wakefield.

Eve Rooney receiving her Certificate.

Bradford Circle Council

L-R Tim Parr, David Stockdale, Grant Peter, Mike Cawley and Peter Murphy

In an effort to raise the profile of Circle Councils amongst members, Bradford Circle whish to show that one does not hav eto be bald to be a council member!


Ampleforth celebrate 10 years

Ampleforth Circle celebrated their 10th anniversary in February with many distinguished visitors, including Grand President David Rowley. Circle was followed by a Charter Dinner.


Wetherby Catenians 1000th meeting

Wetherby and District Catenians celebrated their 1000th meeting on 28th October 2016 in fine style.

Visitors travelled from many parts of the U.K, including Ireland, and received the warmest of welcomes from President John Kelly and the Wetherby Brothers. Greetings were received from former Brothers who have left the area and the President’s welcome was extended to new members. A particular pleasure was greeting James Power, the editor of Catena.

The venue was the Bridge hotel in Walshford, north of Wetherby. The Circle meeting was a model of efficiency and good humour, with 85 Brothers and our Parish Priest in attendance.

The dinner was truly splendid and served with finesse to 179 people.

The MC was Mike Pioli, who gave a master-class on how to orchestrate after-dinner speeches.

Mike Pioli also demonstrated his skill on tyinga bow tie...

James Hagerty traced the history of the Circle and congratulated the Wetherby Brothers on their friendliness and resilience; he proposed a toast to Wetherby Circle.

James Hagerty tracing the history of the Circle

Graham Mulley paid a tribute to John Kelly, who had devoted much time and skill to ensuring that the celebration was such a success. John replied and emphasised the warm friendliness of so many Catenians

John Kelly replying

John Pike delivered a wonderfully amusing paean to Yorkshire, the county which richly deserves the appellation of "God’s Own Country"

John Pike

No Catenian dinner is complete without a raffle. The prizes were excellent and included a magnum of Pol Roger champagne, a £100 voucher for John Lewis, dinner for two at a celebrated restaurant in Leeds and spa treatment and afternoon tea at the Bridge hotel. Over £1000 was raised, which will go towards the President’s charity, to enable young Catholic people in the area to have music lessons and appreciate the delights of music.

The meeting was unanimously proclaimed a huge success, with people reluctant to leave at the end of the evening.

Graham Mulley


Ales inth' Vales

Gardners Arms, L-R (VG = Visiting Gentleman):-Bob Hughes, Simon Gilbert, Mike Butler (VG), Justin Park, Mike Carpenter, Barry Ausitn, Rory Gilbert (VG) Mark Hope (VG), Neil Magee, John Tevlin, Robert Magee (Barnsley 205).

Following 'Ales inth' Dales' (2014) and 'Ales onth' Rails' (2015), Bob again organised this years libation excursion taking Brothers from Harrogate 29 on a mini bus tour of carefully selected hostelries in the Vale of York.

They started at the Gardners Arms in Bilton, Harrogate, travelled to the Bluebell at Arkendale, where lunch was also taken. Onwards to the Black Bull at Boroughbridge, then The Oak Tree at Helperby and then what proved to be the jewel in this particular crown The Fauconberg Arms in the village of Coxwold, which dates back to 1627. On the way back we had a tipple at the Royal Oak in Ripon; before meeting up with the ladies at the Old Bell Tavern, back in Harrogate, where most of the participants also had an evening meal.

Fauconberg Arms , L-R Back: Mike Carpenter, Mike Butler (VG), Justin Park, John Tevlin, Barry Austin, Simon Gilbert, Mark Hope (VG)
Middle: Rory Gilbert (VG), Neil Magee, Bob Hughes
Front: Our Landlady & Robert Magee (Barnsley 205)

Bob Hughes


Wetherby Catenian Concert

The performers...

In the year of its 1000th meeting (which will be on October 28th 2016), Wetherby Circle have organised a number of interesting events. We wished to do something for the local parishes and involve some of the young people who live in the Wetherby district. Our President, John Kelly, proposed a musical evening which would showcase the skills of young parishioners, raise the profile of the Catenians and raise money for a local music charity.

The money raised at the concert will help aspiring young people who wish to learn music but who cannot afford a tutor. The musical education is provided by Confuoco ("with fire"), a scholarship fund which helps to foster a love of performing arts.

Bro. John Kelly says a few words prior to presenting a cheque

The event was organised by John Kelly with Ben McGettigan and friends, music students including some from St John Fisher School Harrogate, and one young lady from St Edward's primary school Clifford. Ben is a pianist, organist and composer and is about to study music in London. He is an accomplished musician who has played for livery companies and featured at the recent Harrogate International Festival. He plays regularly at Mass at St Edward's church, Clifford, near Wetherby.

We were treated to outstanding performances from eight young people: we were entertained by vocalists, pianists and a violinist, who treated us to a range of musical styles – classical, light music, film themes, songs from the American songbook and much more. A very young boy, who had only been playing for a few weeks, gave an impromptu recital and was cheered to the echo.

The concert was a sell-out and over £500 was raised for the charity. No Catenian event is complete without food and everyone enjoyed the excellent pie and pea supper. The evening was a great success and we are planning to sponsor future recitals.

An appreciative audience

Graham Mulley


Euro 2016 Comes to York

Every summer term final year pupils from the four York Catholic primary schools hold the 'Catenian Shield' inter-school netball and football competition. This event brings together pupils, families, teachers and Catenians.

Pictured are the winning netball and football teams with York president Julian Conlin, who presented the medals and shields. The smiles show the enthusiasm and enjoyment of all who take part. York Circle sponsor the event and a special thank you goes to teacher Mr Rob Farrow for being the schools coordinator.

John Downing


York Circle Watching the Widgets!

19 York Brothers & Wives and our 4 Rosti Guides.

York Circle recently visited the local ‘Rosti’ factory in Stamford Bridge to see some cutting edge robots making all sorts of automotive plastic parts – mainly for Jaguar and Land Rover cars – and also parts for the food industry.

Who are Rosti? – They are a cutting edge global plastics company with over 4000 employees at sites in Sweden, Germany, UK, Poland, Romania, China & Malaysia and they have a modern plant near York with over 400 workers.

The highlight of the day was seeing five precision robots each producing widgets for Guinness cans at a rate of 150 every minute – that’s over a million a day! There must be a lot of Guinness being drunk and indeed it was Guinness all round at the local pub lunch that followed.

John Downing


The Snuff Box is on the move again...

L-R Julian Conlin, President York Circle; Mike Withers, President Wakefield Circle

York Circle sucessfully claimed the Snuf Box from Wakefield Circle at their June meeting.


Ninety Years As Catenian Brothers

L-R Brian Cassidy; Joe McNally; Kevin McDonnell; Mike Cawley, President

After the May meeting of Bradford Circle two Brothers received Scrolls totalling 90 years of membership. Past Grand President Joe McNally presented Brother Kevin McDonnell with a 50 year scroll and Brother Brian Cassidy with a 40 year scroll.

The presentation was made in the presence of a large number of Brothers and their wives.

D Stockdale


Wharfedale Supports Angels for Children

L-R Beth Street; Steve O'Neill

Retiring President of Wharfedale Circle, Steve O'Neill, presented a cheque for two thousand pounds to local Otley parishioner Beth Street, founder and Chair of his chosen charity last year, the Angels for Children Foundation, following a highly successful "President's Farewell" dinner for Steve at "The Vine" Italian restaurant in Ilkley.

Steve praised Beth for her frequent attendance at Circle fundraising events, while Beth responded by thanking brothers and their families, not just for the money, but also for their active involvement with her charity during the year.

It all started when Beth's youngest child was born two months prematurely, and needed to be in an incubator for a month. She realised how blessed and lucky she was to have the facility available, whereas in her native Philippines local hospitals, especially in the poorer communities, do not. She started her first fundraising at her 40th birthday party and raised £400! Within two years she was back home visiting her local hospital, which had no baby care facilities, and so she donated an incubator and a Billy light (for jaundice treatment) thus re-opening the baby care unit. The Director of the hospital said to the audience during the opening ceremony that Beth was the answer to their prayers!!

Then Hurricane Haiyan hit her Cebu homeland and the Charity had to raise its game, turning to help rebuild and re-equip devastated schools, orphanages and centres for the disabled.

Even as a little girl growing up in the Philippines, Beth had wanted to give something back to the children who always suffered during the horrendous tropical storms that blight her country.

After moving to the UK, she realised her calling at last, founding the Angels for Children Foundation. With the wonderful help of the foundation trustees, friends and family, she is finally fulfilling a life's ambition, to help make life a little easier for those Philippine children crying out in need.

Their vision is: "To provide help and support to disadvantaged children in the Philippines towards: the relief of sickness and the preservation of health; the advancement of education; and the relief of financial need and suffering as a result of natural or other kinds of disasters."

See more at


Grand gathering at Wetherby

This year's Interprovincial Circle meeting was hosted by Wetherby Circle on 23 May. In a packed room at the Bridge Inn, Brothers from all round Province 3 (South and North) gathered.

L-R Tony Deighton, Director; Justin Park, Harrogate

At this meeting the Provincial Trophies are presented and Bro Justin Park of Harrogate Circle won the Joe Reilly cup (again!) for the most visits to different Circles

L-R John Downing, York; Tony Deighton, Director; Julian Conlin, York

York Circle won the Loving Cup (for an average attendance of 69%)

L-R Mike Starford, Barnsley and Wakefield; Tony Deighton, Director; Andrew Hartley, President Barnsley

the Viking Cup (for Circle visiting) was won by Barnsley Circle with a visiting rate of 7.1 visits per brother

L-R Tony Deighton, Director; Steve O'Neill, past President Wharfedale

And the Scunthorpe Tankard (for recruitment) by Wharfedale Circle.


Harrogate Support SVP

L-R: Kate Rutherford President of the St Robert’s, Harrogate SVP conference, Justin Park, Immediate Past President, and Siobhan Goodfield President of St Mary's Knaresborough SVP conference.

Immediate Past President, Justin Park (2015/16), raised £2,392.67 for charity during his year of office, which was split between both Harrogate and Knaresborough branches of the St. Vincent De Paul Society, going towards their work with the elderly, frail, lonely and homeless in the immediate area and beyond.

The cheques were presented after the May Circle Meeting at Ascot house, Harrogate.

Bob Hughes