The Catenian Association Province 3 (North)

Events 2017 - 18

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The Snuff Box

snuff box - click for details

Sheffiled Hallamshire appear to have the Snuff Box again!

Hull Circle Charity Donations

At their March meeting Hull Circle presented cheques to ambassadors representing two very worthy medical charities - The Cure Parkinson's Trust and Prostate Cancer UK.

The funds were raised during Brother Malcolm Bellamy's presidential year and Malcolm had strong personal reasons for choosing these charities.

Malcolm presenting a cheque for £500 to Mrs Elizabeth Ryan MBE - Cure Parkinson's Trust

Malcolm with Elizabeth and Chris Ryan

When presenting the cheque for £500 to Mrs Elizabeth Ryan MBE, representing the Cure Parkinson's Trust, and herself a sufferer from Parkinson's disease Malcolm explained how his mother, maternal grandmother, maternal great grandmother and several of his mother's sisters had suffered from the disease. The Trust has the sole aim of finding a cure for what Elizabeth described as "the myriad peculiarities, pains and problems that are labelled Parkinson's disease". Dr Chris Ryan, Elizabeth's husband, explained how the Trust had been co-founded in 2005 by Tom Isaacs an inspirational character diagnosed with Parkinson's disease at just 27 years of age. Tom sadly died last year aged 48 but leaves a book "Shake well before use" that tells the story of his epic round the coast of Britain walk that raised £350,000 for research.

Malcolm presnting a cheque for £500 to Mr Alan Stirling - Prostate Cancer

On presenting the cheque for £500 to Mr Alan Stirling, representing Prostate Cancer UK, Malcolm explained that 7 years ago he had been very fortunate in that his prostate cancer was diagnosed at an early stage through a routine health check. He had been symptom free and unaware of his illness. Malcolm underwent surgery to remove the cancer and now takes every opportunity to encourage men to be less reticent and more pro-active in ensuring that they are not diagnosed too late as was his friend with whom he spent many hours salmon fishing in Scotland. Mr Alan Stirling described how prostate cancer was now the biggest killer in terms of male illness and that despite this fact expenditure on research was much less than that spent on other types of disease. He said that much needed to be done in terms of awareness and screening and that the funds raised by the Hull Circle would be put to good use in areas such as these as well as pure research.

After hearing from Elizabeth and Chris Ryan from the Cure Parkinson's Trust and Alan Stirling from Prostate Cancer UK the Hull Brothers and their ladies ended the evening with perhaps the hope that their financial help to these wonderful charities may in some way help to relieve the suffering caused by these two dreadful maladies.

M. Bellamy


The Eastern Bloc Quiz

L to R Francis McDonnell; Richard Percival; Director Tony Deighton; Chris Awre; Paul McGrath

Teams of four Brothers from Scunthorpe, Grimsby, City of Lincoln and Hull Circles took part in the annual Eastern Bloc Quiz which this year was held in Hull. City of Lincoln were playing their reserve team because their first team was involved in the Rex Kirk final. At half time the Hull held a narrow lead with 23, followed by Grimsby with 21, Scunthorpe with 18 and City of Lincoln with 16. In the second half, Scunthorpe, Grimsby and Hull all scored 19 so Hull won by 42 to 40.

B. Swift


Inter-Provincial Golf

L-R Chris L'Estrange; Mike O'Malley

The second running of the Inter-provincial golf match (or War of the Roses if you prefer) between defending champions Province 3 and the challengers from Province 1 took place at Crosland Heath Golf Club in Huddersfield on Tuesday 25th July.

There were several conflicted players involved as a few from Lancashire were playing for Province 3, whilst a few from Yorkshire were playing for Province 1. There were also a few from neither county.

However, all involved managed to put aside their personal dilemmas and a great match ensued.

The Province 3 team comprised 11 players, captained by the redoubtable Ken Pilling from Huddersfield circle and the Province 1 team comprised 15 players, captained by the equally redoubtable Mike O'Malley from Rochdale & Lytham St Anne's circles (see what I mean about internal conflicts) With the top 6 scores to count from each side, Province 1 claimed the cup winning 202 points to 182.

A meal and banter followed and discussions started on when next year's match will take place.

The photo shows Mike O'Malley with the Inter-Provincial cup and the cup for the best individual score for Province 1 and Chris L'Estrange with the cup for the best individual score for Province 3. Both scored 39 points.

C. L'Estrange


David celebrates 50 years at Bradford Circle

L-R Thomas Parr, President; David Stanton; Peter Rogers, GBNC President

Bradford Circle's February meeting was well attended as brothers from around Province 3 assembled to celebrate Bro David Stanton's anniversary of 50 years' membership. GBNC President Peter Rogers presented David with his commemorative scroll and medal, and gave an amusing and informative address highlighting some of David's half century with the Association.

L-R Martin Lydon; David Stanton; Tom Doyle, Kevin McDonnell

David is not the only long-serving member in Bradford Circle, and he was joined in this photo by Bradford's three other 50-year members, Tom Doyle, Kevin McDonnell and Martin Lydon.


Wharfedale celebrate the Immortal Memory

L-R President Ian Monger; piper Hugh Norwood; Ken Marchant

"Fair fa' your honest, sonsie face.."

Bro President in full flow

On 25th January, Wharfedale Circle celebrated Burns' Night with Haggis, neeps and tatties piped in by their resident piper, followed by the address. After dinner we were entertained by some of Burns' poetry and some jokes (which weren't Burns').


Huddersfield's mid-winter ramble

Here is a picture of the Huddersfield Catenians and others on their traditional Post Christmas Walk round Langsett Reservoir

It is almost all down hill to lunch from here.

As you can see I am a shadow! ~ Tony Milling


John Wallis at Wetherby

Wetherby Circle and friends were entertained after their November meeting by Bro John Wallis, with songs and witty repartee.


Huddersfield celebrate 120 years

pic: Bernard Swift

Bro John Connolly receiving his 40-year scroll from Tony Deighton, Director
pic: Bernard Swift

Bro John Wallis receiving his 40-year scroll from Tony Deighton, Director
pic: Bernard Swift

Bro Mike Ryan receiving his 40-year scroll from Tony Deighton, Director

At their September meeting, three Huddersfield Brothers received scrolls to recognise 40 years' membership of the Association; Mike Ryan, John Wallis and John Connolly


Huddersfield's famous Yorkshire Night

pic: Bernard Swift

Processing in the Yorkshire Pudding!

Huddersfield Circle also hosted their (in)famous Yorkshire Neet at their Septmeber meeting. Good fun was had by all.


Bradford welcome Joseph

L-R Thomas Parr, President; Joseph Neal; Tim Parr, Membership Officer

Brother Joseph Neal was Dined Into Bradford Circle at our September meeting following his enrolment in July.


Braford support SVP

L-R Les Cave, President of Bradford District SVP, receiving cheque from Thomas Parr, President Bradford Circle

Past President Mike Cawley nominated the SVP as his annual charity in recognition of the work the have done in the Bradford area. At their last meeting, President Thomas Parr presented a cheque for £881.00 to Les Cave, President of Bradford District SVP.

David Stockdale


Interprovincial Meeting at Wharfedale

Provincial Trophies being presented

L-R John Tolan, President Harrogate Circle; Tony Deighton, Director Province 3; Phil Kitson, Wakefield Circle

Wharfedale Circle hosted the annual Interprovincial Circle Meeting on May 18th, with 50 Brother sin attendance from round both 3(North) and 3(South). At the end of the meeting the trophies were presented

The Joe Reilly Cup to Bro Justin Park of Harrogate Circle, who visited 34 different Circles during the year

The Viking Cup to Wakefield Circle for a visiting average of 6.64%

The Loving Cup to Wakefield Circle for an average attendance of 67.4%

The Scunthorpe Tankard to Harrogate Circle for enrolment at 13% of membership

Harrogate President John Tolan received the Tankard on behalf of his Circle and the Joe Reilly Cup on behalf of Justin Park

Bro Phil Kitson received the Viking and Loving Cups on behalf of Wakefield Circle